SEO Implementation & Marketing

Extend your brand to reach online audiences

Social media

Social media

Social media can help businesses connect with clients and sell products and services locally and globally. A branded presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, using custom-designed profile graphics adhering to platform requirements and populated with relevant content, helps keep your brand fresh in your audience’s mind.

Social media platforms can be integrated with your website so that you only have to post once, with content deployed across all platforms. Relevant and engaging content can help boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.

Email marketing

E-mail marketing

Selective use of relevant and engaging emailers is a cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers and promote and sell products and services.

Responsive email newsletters reach customers on desktop, mobile and tablet devices and support multiple email providers and clients.

I design attractive and compatible email templates, build your mailing lists and report back on campaign performance using analytic tools.

SEO implementation

Technical SEO, 
Analytics & Adwords

Websites that consistently rank well in search engine results are key to businesses’ marketing success. The websites I build are structured and coded to be search engine friendly. Your site will index fully, with sitemaps submitted to search engines, and I will set up local search services so that your business appears on Google Maps and Places.

Google gives sites that load faster a higher ranking. I will implement technical SEO report findings to optimise your website for fast page loading speed. This can be achieved with on-the-fly compression and caching of files and images and the running order of external sources. Consistently keeping up-to-date with best practice is key to ensuring a high ranking.

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